Fine Choices For The Best Hacienda Beach Club Real Estate In Cabo San Lucas Investment

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Buy new or old?  How to take advantage of the many possibilities of the Internet? Why not have my house built? A real estate investment must be carefully prepared. Find all our advice to prepare the purchase or construction of your home with confidence.

Becoming An Owner, Security For The Future

The advantage of becoming the owner of your main residence is not only the satisfaction of living within its walls. Real estate is also an investment. Once the credit for your house or apartment is fully repaid, your housing charges will drop significantly. And, if necessary, you can resell your accommodation and reinvest the funds at your convenience. A mortgage is systematically accompanied by death and disability insurance. In the event of a hard blow, this insurance will reimburse the mortgage for you. In the case of the hacienda beach club real estate in Cabo San Lucas, this is very true.

Purchase In New Or Old

Why choose the old one? In addition to the charm that can be found, an old property is often, in the equivalent sector, from 10 to 15% cheaper than the new one. Another advantage: for an equal number of rooms, you will benefit from a larger surface area than in the new one. In addition, we find the old in the heart of cities. This is rarely the case for new housing, often located on the outskirts, due to the lack of land available in the center. Thanks to this central location, your old accommodation will appeal to a wide range of buyers, whether investors or individuals who are first-time buyers, when it is sold.

But new also has its advantages. In its favor: guarantees against poor workmanship, the absence of heavy renovation works, and a certain comfort, due to sound and thermal insulation requirements much higher than the old one. Not to mention the possibility of having a balcony or terrace, or even a garden, as well as private parking or a box in the basement, often excluded in old buildings in the city center.

The Advantages Of Buying An Old Or New Property:

Advantages of an old property

  • The charm of the old (old stones, structures, existence of a fireplace, etc.)
  • 10 to 15% cheaper: the old one is very often cheaper than the new one.
  • Larger area: for the same number of rooms as in the new one, the old one offers more square meters.
  • Good location: old housing is generally in the city center.

Advantages of a new property

  • “Turnkey” housing: you avoid the renovations often inherent in the purchase of an old property.
  • Thermal and sound insulation to current standards.
  • More comfort and amenities: balcony, private parking, basement, bicycle garage, terrace, garden, etc.

Know-How To Determine The Right Real Estate Price

To sort through the offers, it is essential to carry out a real estate “survey”. Use the internet, so you can find a price per square meter for a sector or a district, depending on the type of property you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for a 3-room apartment without work in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, you will only target ads concerning such goods. However, this method will only tell you about the sale prices set by the sellers, which may be higher than the actual sale prices.

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